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Fits together like a foot in a shoe

Only this time I think I put my foot in my mouth

Pea Green
27 May
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Just the one word - Meh.

[If you want to know more scan my interests and read my lj! :þ]

And because I can't seem to have this anywhere else on my lj *pouts*

a knight's tale, agent slash, agent smith, agent/agent, alan rickman, alias, alkaline trio, ancient egypt, angel, art, ataris, band of brothers, beaches, billy boyd, billy joe, biting, black hair, blade, blade 2, books, buffy, candles, catwoman, cloaks, coffee, dark angel, david anders, deacon frost, dead like me, discworld, dogma, draco malfoy, dracula, dragon ball z, dragons, drawing, easyworld, elijah wood, elves, eyeliner, fanfiction, fantasy, fight club, films, forks, frodo, giggling, goldfinger, good omens, greek mythology, green day, green eyes, guys in eyeliner, hair dye, harry potter, hats, hobbits, hogwarts, hush, internet, j.r.r. tolkien, jack sparrow, james marsters, jay and silent bob, jensen ackles, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, lego, linkin park, loki, lord of the rings, loud music, magic, marshal, mattmatt, megatokyo, metatron, micheal vartan, movies, mr sark, mummy, mummy returns, music, my friends, night world, pens, pervy hobbit fancying, pink fluff, pippin, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pizza hut, placebo, plastic knives, potions, puddles, reading, reading festival, redwall, remus lupin, robin hood, sci-fi, severus snape, shapeshifters, shirt guy dom, shopping, silver jewellery, sirius black, sleeping, slytherin, smith in maid outfit, smith/smith, spike, spongebob squarepants, spoons, sporks, supernatural, supreme kai, talking, textiles, the 10th kingdom, the buffybot, the faculty, the matrix, the odyssey, the open, the stars, tom lenk, trained monkey, transfiguration, trunks, tv, tweaking, vampires, vegeta, walking, water, webmistressing, weebl and bob, weiss, werewolves, wicca, wings, winnie-the-pooh, wolverine, writing, wyrd museum, x is loaded, x-men, x-men:evolution